Napoleon, the devil and other kind of (hi)stories

Detailierte Beschreibung

Together with our partner the fortress “Hohen Werfen”, we designed a fascinating day program for students:

On the one hand, we use the Adventure Gorge as a thrilling classroom, where students discover an Eldorado of barnstorming natural and historical impressions: While doing a time travel through millions of years, they will meet Napoleon, the Romans and
the Celtic people, enjoy the houses of the Stone age kids, try to make fire themselves at that time and see the Alps being made. We combine all these things with Austrians most beautiful and breathtaking zipline, high above the whitewater of the Salzachriver.

On the other hand, the fortress is an exciting location, full of history and stories, waiting to be discovered and experienced by the students. Plenty of myths entwine around the fortress and the village of Werfen. Enchanters and witches used to live there and were well known by the people.

An exciting full-day program for all ages. Both scenes are near to each other.

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