Adventure Gorge Tour

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From „Saltriver Cathedrale“ via „Mega Zippline“ to the „Expedition“

THE traveler and family attraction: „ADVENTURE GORGE Salzachöfen“, located at Pass Lueg - 30min from Salzburg - offers an unique paradise of experiences of nature, European history and fun, not found anywhere else in Europe for young and old.

The canyon unites the unbelievable beauty of the countryside and of the „Saltriver Cathedrale” - a Cave formed throughout decades by endless power of water - with the adventure feeling of the “Hellslide (800m Mega Zippline)“ which offers an “adrenalineboosting” speed flight, just low enough to nearly touch the thunderous spray of the „Saltriver“.

This unforgettable experience is completed by an Expedition throughout this stunning gorge to learn more about the geographical, historical and biological background of this special place, guided and presented by professional rangers, who are first of all responsible for your SAFETY!

The tour includes:

  • 2 ½ hours guided tour incl. “Mega Zippline”
  • A “once in a lifetime" experience


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