"I hob a gschrian"

“Courage cannot be bought.”

You already know Canyoning. You enjoyed the freefall feeling. You are an adrenalin junky. You did it all. What else could you get excited?

Jump! …if you dare.

You stand exposed, high above the floods of the Saltriver. No guard railing protects you. You are hooked to a steel cable. Somebody says “Three, two, one Jump!” and you jump. You rush towards the river. Eyes wide open. You think you will hit the water. At the very last moment you are horizontally accelerated and instead of smashing into the floods you fly with highspeed over the rapits. At the very next moment you are slingshot high up into the air and the thrill starts over and over again. You are nothing else than a cue ball oft the elements: Nearly touching the rocks and cliffs while you are swinging in the cauldron. And when you think it`s over, we pull you up into a bridge. Walking over perforated grid you are turning back to the start. Full of adrenaline and happy!

THIS, you will never forget.

Courage cannot be bought? With us, you can.
Price 59,-/person


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