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An aquatic canyoning tour at it’s best!

This canyoning adventure is an extraordinary highlight if you love the element “water”:

You are discovering the amazing world of sun glittering waterfalls, inviting you to take a shower. You are enjoying crystal clear and ice-cold spring water inrushes inviting you to drink and natural pools with emerald green water. You are surrounded by waterfall slides, countless jumps, adorable rock formations and cascades of water drops.

And you are part of it!

Jumping, swimming, hiking, climbing, enjoying and rebelling means tons of fun, adventure, adrenalin and pleasure! This tour is as varied as exciting and the center part of the canyon awaits you with an exquisite special: At this part, the canyon is only 1 meter broad, but over 100 meters deep. You are swimming at the bottom of this narrow canyon, enjoying the power of nature!

Benefits & advantages:

  • State certified Guides with more than 25 years of experience using the “Ranger principle” as an guidance method which means highest quality standards concerning individual safety, knowledge and adventure
  • Special Equipment
  • Tour related safety Equipment: socks and gloves
  • Shuttleservice
  • Sanitary facilities & culinary delicacies at our meeting point

Physical requirements:

  • 14 years plus
  • very good swimming knowledge and physical condition
  • Preference for lots of (high) jumps

Basically, we run the tours in any weather situation. Due to severe weather conditions, high water or force majeur, we reserve the right to cancel tours whenever necessary

About 6h; net time in the canyon: 3-4h

Near to Hintersee, next to Ebenau (about 30 minutes from Salzburg City Center

Price per person:
99,- Euro

Needed Equipment:

  • Bathing suite & towel
  • Sportshoes which are going to be wet (professional equipment can be rented for 10,- Euro per person)
  • Eventually needed medicine

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